a) Rationale

African participants from the 2013 African Chambers of Commerce and Industry conference in Addis Ababa have stated that the private sector in Africa will need to lead the way on business integration and development. And, while some advances have taken place, the time has come to bring together scattered initiatives and create a more authentic Pan-African movement to lead economic growth.

The East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, along with the efforts of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry has driven this regional and continental focus, asking specifically for:

i) New strategies on how government departments and agencies do business with, and help position the private sector to lead economic growth;

ii) Side events and follow up activities that engage strategic African countries and scenarios,

iii) The bringing together of key regional and sub-regional African actors. These activities will also seek to act as a bridge between the harder dimension of technical interventions and the softer dimension of leadership with integrity, and

iv) Continent-wide dissemination of successful practices and the facilitation of critical relationships, from corporations and leading accounting firms to others, to support ethical, business-driven development impact.

The 2018 East Africa Trade Week Business Conference and Exhibition will deliver a program to address the current business, political, and leadership needs of Africa, and the region, as they relate to continental trade, investment, governance, responsible business, and job creation. The EATW 2018 will help achieve this by bringing together private and public leaders from the EAC member states and the African and Asian continent specifically the middle that houses the Union of Arab Chambers to dialogue on new approaches to address trade and investment issues, including leadership styles that are desirable, ensuring profitability for businesses, and value-added trade with positive integration impact.

The EATW 2018 will provide a platform for leading practitioners to share their experiences and expertise on the value of a responsible business -based approach to deal with today’s challenges in the global markets.  The Conference will also examine how the Union of Arab Chambers has become an international business hub and share experiences on best practices that will build intra-African trade and continental integration initiatives, while also focusing on a specific demand for more EAC regional-centric activities.

 b) EATW 2018 and Program Approach

It is imperative that the comprehensive and structured approach of the EATW 2018 and program is taken into consideration and appropriately communicated by the East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, EAC Secretariat and KNCCI to all partners. Each of the given activities below, are core elements that will ultimately contribute towards the development of a strong Africa network promoting economic growth. There will be an incorporation of the following components:

c) Pre-EATW 2018 Activities

A thorough engagement of key stakeholders with the regional, continental and global experience will take place through pre-conference consultations. The range of topics addressed here will mirror that of the conference. These will serve to provide inputs for identifying priority topics, developing the conference panels, and will also allow for specific recommendations to be endorsed by conference delegates. Discussions geared specifically towards the development of East Africa, and the Continent, will be central to the Conference.

d) EATW 2018 Sectors

The EATW 2018 activities will showcase five key sectors of interests as follows;

i) Agriculture and Agri-business: line with the PACCI’s recent APC resolutions, the EATW 2018 shall highlight the agriculture and agri-business sector to showcase the evolving landscape of managed and market-driven economies in creating new agricultural and agri-business opportunities in Africa. The discussions will create an opportunity for business leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities that lie in agriculture and agri-business.

ii) Finance: The EATW 2018 shall showcase finance as a key sector to create the opportunity for business actors to discuss ways of enhancing competitiveness by exchanging views on issues such as access to finance and external markets.

iii) Manufacturing: the Conference will hold discussion to showcase product and service ideas within the framework of PACCI’s resolutions.

iv) ICT: the conference shall hold discussions entered towards harmonised Information Communication Technology (ICT) and e-commerce policies. The discussions are aimed to fast-track socio-economic development through a harmonised legal and regulatory framework in line with the AfCFTA agenda.

v) Infrastructure: In highlighting the infrastructure sector, the conference aims at improving connective infrastructure by removing policy to trade. Ideas generated around connective infrastructure can help drive economic desertification, creation of new jobs and poverty reduction.

e) Expected Results

i) Position the East African region as the attractive destination for trade and Investment;

ii) Help in creating a platform for potential partnerships/joint ventures;

iii) Increase exports opportunities due to the increased understanding of markets and commercial networks that may result from the outreach; and

iv) Enhance business dialogue among the top economic actors in Africa.

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